Work with Mommy 

Today I had to take Tessa to work with me since Gigi was away at a surf competition with Auntie. I packed a bag full of toys and lots of snacks. Tessa is normally well behaved so I wasn’t to worried. I worked fast so we were done in less than 2 hours. Tessa likes to go to Papa’s yard because she loves the big trucks and the noise the air brakes make.

She played with stickers. 

And the calculator 

She ate pepperoni, a pouch, cheese and a yogurt! 

Then she made Papa a special picture 

The last 15 minutes she had to watch a parade. Her new favorite thing is to watch the Disneyland marching band on YouTube. 

I told her that if she was good we could get Mcdonalds for lunch. She told me she wanted French fries, ketchup and tea. She loves tea like her mommy! 

All that working wore her out and she fell asleep on the way home.

She woke up in time to eat her French fries ( I gave her some cheeseburger and she tried it but told me she didn’t like it then washed it down with a gulp of tea lol).