Tessa and I had a busy day! We started off our morning playing. She is very good at sharing and handed me toys one by one.

After a bath and nap Tessa was very clingy so I had to put her in the high chair with some puffs to make myself lunch.

Then we walked to the park to play. Tessa loves to watch the other kids play and wants to run around like them. She can almost go down the whole slide by herself but I can’t video it alone.

After the park Tessa set up a picnic for us. She laid everything out all by herself! She has watched Great Aunt Penny do it many times before. (Notice the shirt change, she got food on her first outfit)

Then it was nap time but Tessa had other ideas. She bounced and walked around the crib for 30 minutes before falling asleep. She even took out her panda clippie to play with but quickly got bored of that. She eventually fell asleep sitting up.


Daddy came home right as Tessa was waking up. She was happy to have him read to her. And FaceTime Tia Lindsey. We also did FaceTime with Auntie Madi to show her Tessa’s new trick. Tessa finally found the confidence to let go of us and stand alone! She did it for a super long time.