Weaning (morning boobies)

I’ve decided to take a break from potty training since we are going to Mammoth in the middle of February and I want to focus on weaning Tessa from nursing before her second birthday. It is more important for her to stop nursing since it will start to affect my pregnancy than be potty trained. We will still sit on the potty before baths and at diaper changes but isn’t our focus right now. 

In an effort for Tessa to stop her morning nursing I bought her Squeeze It drinks. Although they aren’t healthy and are full of sugar I needed something that would peak her interest. This morning she asked for boobies when I went to get her from the crib. I told her I had a special drink for her instead. She was super excited and was happy to have her special drink while we sat in the rocker. So far so good we will see how the rest of the week goes.