We have carpet 

Tessa was thrilled our carpet came today for the playroom. She napped at Gigi and Papa’s while they installed it and I picked her up after they finished. This was her reaction once we got home 

She had to bring in her Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Pluto to play first.  

Then her tent  

And Disney Little People  

We played and danced until Daddy came home 

Then Tessa helped built some toy storage from Ikea with Daddy.  

After dinner and a bath we had to have some play time even though it was late  


Then Gigi and Papa stopped by for a quick visit to see the new room  

I’m so happy Tessa is enjoying her new space. We still need to do moulding and decorating but that will take some time. I’m looking forward to organizing her toys this weekend and making labels.