Visiting Santa

Today we packed up the kids (and all their crap!) to head to California Adventure to visit Santa.  Gigi bought Tessa and Landon matching Christmas outfits to wear and they both looked adorable.  The wait for Santa was an hour so I waited with Landon while Daddy took Tessa on the Ariel ride.  They made it back just in time!  Tessa was super brave and walked right up to Santa and sat on his lap.  He called her a princess so I think that helped.  She told him she wanted a Beast dolly and a blue dress although it is hard to  hear her in the video.  Tessa signed the Nice List on her way out.

Tessa also got to meet Elena of Avalor today too!  She watched her little parade and then we waited in a super long line to meet her.  Tessa has been super into her show lately so she was excited.

We also got great seats for the Christmas parade.  Tessa was excited to see her Beast again.