I found this awesome vanity for Tessa on a mommy Facebook group I’m apart of for $15! It is in excellent condition and Tessa was so excited to pick it up today. As soon as we came home we put it in our bathroom and she asked for make up. I didn’t have any pretend make up for her so I gave her princess Chapstick and some make up brushes. She was so cute playing with her new toy and was entertained for a long time. 

While she napped I looked up pretend make up on Amazon but couldn’t find any plastic kind. I went to Pinterest and found a way to make my own. The next day I sent James to Dollar Tree on his way home from work to pick me up some cheap make up. I cleaned out the containers and poured in nail polish like Pinterest suggested. They said to let it dry for 24 hours. As it was drying the nail polish shrunk.

I put it in the garage today to finish drying since it was so hot. This afternoon I gave it to Tessa to try out. I was disappointed when she started pretending and the nail polish wasn’t dry. She still had a blast with it though and played make up for about 45 minutes! 

I found another way to make pretend make up using craft foam so I might try that idea as well. Either way I’m glad I found such a great deal on this vanity because she loves it!