Valerie’s 2nd Birthday

Last night was miserable! Tessa was up every 2 hours crying with a runny nose and saying “no, no, no”. She woke up at 6:30 an hour earlier than normal and was grumpy all morning. We managed to all get ready, pick up Papa and head out to Huntington  Beach. Tessa didn’t nap on the way there like I had wanted. 

Once we arrived she put on a happy face but wasn’t herself all day. She was excited Valerie had a bounce house too. She quickly got in to play with her friends.  

Valerie had an Elmo themed party. The decor and set up was so cute!  

After lunch and more jumping we sung happy birthday to Valerie. Her cupcakes were delicious!  

Presents were next. Valerie didn’t want to open them and Tessa just wanted me to hold her all day.  

Tessa loved the bounce house but was very emotional all day. She had fun blowing bubbles with Marla and Milo. And using the pretend cleaning supplies to clean Dana’s windows. 

Eventually she passed out while Daddy was pushing her in the swing.  

She napped the entire drive home and was ready to check out her goody bag.  

She loved the stampers the most!  


I wish Tessa was in a better mood but we still had fun celebrating Valerie turning 2!