Valentine’s Day 2019

Tessa was so excited to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year. Then again Tessa enjoys celebrating any holiday! Yesterday we took cookies she helped make to her music class friends and her teacher.

Aunt Pam and Tina send the kids a valentine surprise which they were excited to open!

This morning Gigi surprised her with a balloon and gift. She got princess chocolates, a super cute tic-tac-toe game and a LOL surprise ball.

This afternoon Aunt Penny stopped by and surprised her with an adorable Lego Friends heart set. Tessa jumped right in and built it right away.

Daddy brought home Shakey’s pizza shaped like a heart for dinner.

As if our children don’t get enough we gave them a Valentines gift as well. Tessa got a Connect 4 game, an LOL heart shaped bath bomb, and See’s candy. You can tell by the smile on her face what a great day she had!