For about a day or so Tessa has seemed to be whining and grabbing for her diaper when she goes pee. Out of fear that she might have a UTI, James and I took her to urgent care tonight. 

They asked if she was potty trained so they could collect a urine sample without putting a catheter in her. I said no but the nurse gave us the option of trying to collect her pee in a cup. 

Off to the bathroom we went. We took off her diaper and turned on the faucet (she normally pees when the bath water is filling up the tub so I figured it might help). After a few minutes of following her around with the cup in my hand and trying to keep her from touching anything in a dirty public bathroom, I was able to catch some of her pee in the cup! Hooray! 

After waiting 15 minutes we were called back to wait to see the doctor. After waiting another 15 minutes the doctor came in and informed us that her sample came back negative. He still wanted to send it away for a culture test and prescribed antibiotics for the time being. 

We still haven’t heard back from Kaiser yet so Tessa is still taking the antibiotics until we hear other wise. I’m hoping we caught the infection early. 

Tessa was a trooper during the whole situation.