Tug Boat

Gigi bought Tessa a tug boat to ride in the pool.  Today we went to Gigi’s and Papa’s to use it for the first time.  Tessa loved it! She had to go in the pool naked because she has already outgrown all her swim suits!  We had to give her a little back support with a towel, but other than that she had a great time!  She liked to be pushed in it to her to Auntie Madi.  IMG_9046IMG_9045It was so cute to see her hold onto the steering wheel and driveIMG_9062IMG_9076IMG_9081After playing in the boat Auntie Madi taught Tessa how to splash!  Auntie Madi was making little splashes but Tessa was making big ones!

IMG_9112IMG_9115Tessa played so long in the pool that she got wrinkled toes!IMG_9120IMG_9132Then Gigi had a “Kardashian” style photo shoot with Tessa. IMG_9144Overall, we had a great day!