Toys, toys and more toys 

The past week has been rough! Tessa is still teething and getting over her cold so our days have been filled with lots of meltdowns. Finally today she woke up feeling better and her happy self. This lead to us playing with every toy in the house, or at least it seemed that way! First we played with Bitty and her new changing table.  

Then Snow White and Tessa watched the Mickey show while I showered and got ready.  

Next we used her light up butterfly wand to practice counting.  

Then we set up and played with the Little People Disney sets.  

After lunch we played with her piggy bank, read books, tried on hats, and changed Bitty’s diaper.  

Then we played with her My Little Pony’s and princesses in the bus.  


She was mimicking the sound the buses at Disneyland make when they lower to let people on. 

Lastly, Tessa made food while I hung up the wet laundry.  

Finally it was nap time!