The Living Desert 

We had Sunday funday at The Living Desert today. I went before on a field trip but James and Tessa had never been. Once we arrived we checked out a few animals before feeding the giraffes. Tessa was concerned that the birds weren’t happy because of their eyes (whatever that means in toddler talk). She really liked the zebras but was sad there weren’t any tigers or monkeys. We thought seeing a cheetah would make do but he was too far away hiding in the shade. 

Then we waited to feed the giraffes. Tessa loved them from far away but didn’t end up feeding them. The little giraffe was two years old like her. I was proud she was brave enough to even get close to them. 

Next Tessa pet the goats with Daddy. 

Then she saw the leopard. He was hiding at first so everyone left. Tessa was patient enough that he finally started walking around and even ended up walking right in front of her. She wasn’t even afraid! 

We saw camels and a tortoise before having lunch. 

Next we checked out the education center. Tessa liked the fossils and even touched molten snake skin. 

We saw some more birds and the mountain lion (Daddy’s favorite). 

Tessa kept saying that the animals weren’t happy and I think it was because some were hiding and sleeping. It was hard to get pictures of everything we saw but we had a great day as a family.