The Little Mermaid RCC play

Tessa had a busy day! She started her day off at Home Depot making the monthly project. This month she made a bird house.

Then she watched the March air show with Daddy and Landon.

We picked her up at the show and headed to RCC to watch The Little Mermaid play. Gigi, Papa, Tia, Aunt Penny, and Aunt Polly went. Tessa chose to wear her Ariel fin dress with the wand. She also brought an outfit change.

At intermission she changed into her “kiss the girl” dress because Ariel has her legs now. After the show she got to meet the cast! They even signed her book. They thought she was adorable and loved that she wore costumes too! Tessa loved the show and said “her favorite part was all of it! Even the Ursula parts”.