The flu

Turns out I didn’t have food poisoning I got the flu. Last night Tessa also got it and threw up all over her crib! Poor baby girl was so confused and just wanted Cindy to be clean again. We were up until 3am waiting for Cindy to dry. She ended up throwing up twice more. We eventually went to sleep. I didn’t get much sleep since Tessa slept in my bed and I was worried about her rolling off. I text James when we woke up and told him he needed to come home. 

Tessa woke up feeling better. She also got a package at the door. It was a Christmas gift from Fred and Mary Jo (Uncle Scott’s parents). She loved the coins! Time to get her a piggy bank.  


We played and watched lots of Barney.  

Tessa didn’t get sick all day until that night. Thank goodness Cindy got missed so the process of cleaning everything and getting her back to sleep went faster.