Tessa’s One!

Everyone tells you that time flies when you have a child but it literally does! I can’t believe Tessa was born a year ago and we went from being a couple to a family. Having her has made my life complete. 

As my mom says, Tessa has more personality than James and I put together and I’m pretty sure it is true. Tessa is full of life and is literally happy all day long. 

This past month she has started to become a little person. She has learned to push her stroller or activity table to the bar stools or walls, so she can crab walk all around the house. She understands that you walk to get to a destination, but she is so cautious she has a death grib on our fingers and won’t stand alone yet. I didn’t walk until I was 14 months so I’ll cut her some slack. 

Right now her favorite game is peek a boo/hide and seek. She will literally bend down, duck or peek behind anything. She loves books and is constantly butt scooting to us with a book for us to read. She will listen to you read the same book multiple times.

Tessa loves music and starts dancing as soon as she hears it playing. She can be rough yet is delicate at the same time. She understands that shoes/socks go on your feet and bows go in your hair. 

She hops and walks around her crib before falling asleep. Every night she shows me that she has turned on her music machine after reading a story with Daddy. When I go to get her from the crib she kisses Cindy and drops her in the crib then takes out her binky and throws it in the crib as well. She is very routine oriented. 

She loves to be outside regardless of how cold it is. Tessa also cries when we leave to go home if she hasn’t had enough time with whomever we are visiting. 

She knows the signs for “more”, “water”, “all done”, and “eat”. She will even use the correct sign if you ask her to show you what she wants. She has mastered clapping and claps for herself constantly. 

Recently she has stopped eating her fruits and veggies. So we tried finger foods but she doesn’t like her hands dirty. Recently she has been on the breast milk, refried bean, wheat bread, shredded cheese, and puffs diet. Hoping it’s just a phase and she goes back to eating her solids again. 

Tessa loves being apart of a big family and is lucky to have so many people that love her. 

I would say James and I got pretty lucky in the baby department. Tessa is such a good and easy baby. 

Although it’s bittersweet to see Tessa grow up I love to see her learn new things as well as watch her personality grow each day.