Tessa’s 1st Cruise: Day 6 At Sea

Since Tessa went to bed so early last night she decided to start her day at 4:30am this morning! I took her to walk around she ship for an hour in hopes of making her tired. She didn’t understand why the carousel wasn’t on and I tried explaining that it was too early. Daddy then took her to get some breakfast and explore some more. She finally got tired and napped for 2 hours.

Once she woke up we got ready and headed to meet the family at Bingo. Tessa watched but wasn’t too interested.


Then we headed to the sports deck to hang out and watched Uncle Matt win the gold metal in ping pong.

_DSC0762 _DSC0765 _DSC0766 _DSC0769

After that we went to the Dreamworks parade at the Promenade. It was no Disneyland parade but Tessa enjoyed it and loved seeing Po from Kung Fu Panda.

_DSC0775 _DSC0779 _DSC0781 _DSC0785

We changed into swim suits and played in the baby splash zone with Aunt Pam and Tina. Tessa was started to get brave and play on the water on her own.

_DSC0794 _DSC0787 _DSC0790 _DSC0795 _DSC0814 _DSC0816

Back in clothes and back to the Boardwalk for more carousel rides this time with Aunt Polly.

_DSC0840 _DSC0848 _DSC0855 _DSC0883

Then the Penguins from Madagascar showed up so Tessa took a few pictures with them and played peek a boo.

_DSC0866 _DSC0871

We enjoyed lunch as a family at Johnny Rockets and then it was nap time.

After her nap it was time for family pictures and a photoshoot in her sailor dress.

_DSC0912 _DSC0913 _DSC0918 _DSC0922 _DSC0930 _DSC0934 _DSC0940

She stayed with Gigi tonight so Mommy and Daddy could enjoy a dinner in peace. While she was with Gigi she acted silly on the bed.

_DSC0957 _DSC0959 _DSC0960 _DSC0962

After dinner we all played shuffleboard together (Tessa wore her pjs).  Tessa even helped clean up when we were finished.

_DSC0978 _DSC0981 _DSC0984 _DSC0987 _DSC0990 _DSC0995

After putting Tessa to bed Gigi and Papa watched her so James and I could go see the show The Quest.

Sad tomorrow is our last day 🙁