Tessa’s 1st Cruise: Day 5 St. Maarten

Tessa didn’t sleep great last night so when she woke up James took her to breakfast at the windjammer so I could get a little more rest. Once they got back it was time to get dressed and ready to explore St. Maarten!

_DSC0628 _DSC0633 _DSC0636

We stopped at a few shops near the port and then took a water taxi to town. Tessa thought the water taxi was fun and loved to feel the wind blow in her hair.

_DSC0640 IMG_1136 _DSC0646 _DSC0652

Once in town she didn’t want to stay in the carrier so she decided to let her choose a toy from a shop and head back to the ship. She chose a little stuffed animal turtle in a shell and a matching book.

Daddy had to carry Tessa back to the ship so they were both a sweaty mess by the time we got back on board. We stopped at the Promenade for some pizza for lunch and then quickly changed into swimsuits to head to the beach even though Tessa was starting to get tired.


We took the water taxi back to the beach. Tessa wore shoes in the sand and liked it much more. Soon Aunt Pam and Tina passed by and joined us in the ocean. Tessa had fun with their GoPro while Daddy hunted for shells for her. She played in the ocean for almost 2 hours!

_DSC0672 _DSC0675 _DSC0676 _DSC0679 _DSC0684 _DSC0694 IMG_1161IMG_1167

On the water taxi ride back to the ship Tessa fell asleep and Daddy carried her back to the room while I stayed to hang out with my family. She stayed asleep until the card scanner beeped and woke her up.

Daddy tried hard to get her back to sleep but had no such luck so he took her to play with the toys at Adventure Ocean. She loved climbing the bridge structure and even went down the slide on her own! She changed and put on a cute dress Gigi and Papa bought her while shopping in town.

We then met up with the family on the Boardwalk to enjoy some ice cream. Papa was nice enough to share his.

_DSC0712 _DSC0720

After a bath and some yogurt for dinner Tessa practically fell asleep sitting up! _DSC0669