Tessa’s 1st Cruise: Day 4 St. Thomas

The day is finally here! We get to take Tessa to the beach where we got married!


We started our day early to make the most of our time at this port. Daddy brought us breakfast to enjoy in our room while getting ready.

_DSC0490_DSC0493 _DSC0495

Once we exited the ship we waited for Papa, Penny and Pam to go to the Jeep rental place then come get us. Tessa was very patient and waited until Papa came to get us. We brought a car seat and Tessa fell asleep our on way to the scooter rental place. She napped the whole time the rest of the family was filling out paperwork and getting their scooter to ride. I also noticed that our Jeep license plate said “Tes” so it was meant to be.

IMG_1062 _DSC0502

Tessa stayed asleep for most of our drive to the beach. Once she woke up she needed some boobies so I had to nurse her on the curvy road (she stayed in her car seat)while Daddy was getting used to driving on the wrong side of the road.


We all arrived at Lindquist Beach and couldn’t wait to get in the water! The water wasn’t as pretty as the day we got married but we all still had fun!

_DSC0511 _DSC0514 _DSC0522 _DSC0540

Tessa loved the ocean and kept putting one finger in it to taste the salt water. She had so much fun swimming and playing with everyone.

_DSC0556 _DSC0567 IMG_1077 IMG_1082 IMG_1089 IMG_1108 _DSC0535

She is like her Mommy and doesn’t like the sand.

_DSC0526 _DSC0529 _DSC0560

After a quick outdoor shower we drove to a place called Taps and Grill for lunch. The burgers were amazing and Tessa loved the fries. There were birds roaming around the bar and Uncle Matt taught Tessa that birds say “cawcaw”.

_DSC0570 _DSC0605 _DSC0609

After lunch we finished driving around the island and Tessa fell asleep again. Daddy took Tessa back to the ship so Mommy could shop for a treasure for her.

When it was time to leave the port we were all hanging out on the balcony (Tessa’s fav spot) and Papa was feeding the birds bananas. Then we all said bye to St. Thomas as we pulled away.

_DSC0611 _DSC0614 _DSC0615

After a bath Auntie Madi did Tessa’s hair in 2 pig tails. She sported her new hairstyle to dinner where she was good once again but is on a fry only diet. Thank goodness she is still nursing!

_DSC0617 _DSC0625