Tessa’s 1st Cruise: Day 3 At Sea

We started our morning off with breakfast at the Windjammer just the 3 of us. On the sports deck people were doing Zumba and Tessa thought it was super cool. She was clapping and dancing along.


Then we changed into swimsuits to go back to the baby splash zone. Once we got to the pool deck it was super windy so we didn’t stay long.

_DSC0389 _DSC0394 _DSC0396

We went back and changed into clothes to go check out Adventure Ocean (it’s the baby/kid area on the ship). We stopped at the play room first since we were early for music class. Tessa loved all the toys because they were completely different than what she has at home.

_DSC0429 _DSC0403 _DSC0406 _DSC0412

It was time for music class and Aunt Polly joined in. Tessa was the only child so she got lots of attention. She did really well with all the different types of instruments and liked the triangle the best!

_DSC0414 _DSC0417 _DSC0420 _DSC0421

We then met the family at the Promenade for lunch. We had mini sandwiches and pizza.

Then we went up to the sports deck to watch Daddy, Auntie Madi and Gigi flow ride (it’s like surfing).

_DSC0441 _DSC0442

Tessa was acting tired so we headed back to the room but had to stop for some mini golf on the way.

_DSC0445 _DSC0447 _DSC0458 _DSC0459 _DSC0460

Once back in the room she took a short 35 minute nap and was ready to go play again! We went to the Boardwalk to ride the carousel…a lot! And then enjoyed dinner (cheese and fruit) on the Boardwalk with Gigi and Auntie Madi.

_DSC0461 _DSC0463 _DSC0470 _DSC0475

Since she had such a short nap bedtime was early so we skipped dinner in the dining room. James and I took turns going down to the Windjammer to eat.

Gigi and Papa came to watch Tessa sleep after their dinner so James and I could go watch the Love and Marriage game show.