Tessa’s 1st Cruise: Day 1 At Sea

Tessa was great on our flight to Florida! She slept most of the flight and only whined twice. Once we landed we all took a shuttle (Tessa really wanted to ride in a bus, but had to settle for a van) to Pam and Tina’s hotel and where we had breakfast. 


  Tessa enjoyed some yogurt and was happy to walk around and stretch her legs. After breakfast we changed and hung out. Tessa watched Barney with Gigi.  

 It was finally time to take the shuttle to the cruise ship. Tessa fell asleep on the ride over after having some boob. Once we were at the port and check in we had to wait for the ship to be cleared to board. Tessa fell asleep in the carrier.  

 She didn’t even wake up when we boarded the ship even though there was so much noise and excitement happening around her. Traveling wore her out. Once she woke up we went to Park Cafe for some lunch. After checking out the ship (she fell in love with the carousel and thought the glass elevators were amazing) she fell asleep on the bed.  












 James and I quickly realized that she would be sharing our king size bed this trip instead of sleeping in the pack n play. After a 45 minute nap she played on the balcony and watched us leave the port. It was so cute she waved as we drove away.  




Then we all got dressed and ready for dinner. Tessa enjoyed her first dinner in the dining room and was well behaved during the lengthy meal. After dinner it was off to bed!