Tessa’s 1st Birthday Party

Tessa’s first birthday party was a huge success! I couldn’t have pulled it off with all the help from my family. The decor came out perfect and everything sparkled and shined. My favorite decor piece was her banner. I loved seeing how much she changed each month and all her different onesies. 

Tessa still wasn’t a fan of her cake and didn’t touch it one bit! She did leave her hat on though 🙂 

We hired a family friend to take pictures which helped us all enjoy this special day with Tessa. 

She started off with her princess dress on but quickly changed into her birthday onesie. She definitely likes to be comfortable. 

Tessa was spoiled with so many fun gifts! She loved her sunglasses and panda suitcase. 

Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate such a great milestone!