Tessa is 35 months old! 

I can’t believe next month Tessa turns 3! It is crazy to think how fast the time as gone thank goodness TimeHop reminds me of the cute things she did as a baby. I miss her being a baby but I love her growing personality. 

This month has been all about Beauty and the Beast. We sing the songs, talk about the characters and play with her castle daily. She has even chosen to have a Beauty and the Beast themed birthday. 

Tessa has decided that she doesn’t want to turn 3 but wants to say 2 “forever”. She is excited for us to change her room into a big girl room though. 

This month Tessa went to the dentist for the first time and did amazing. She has also started dance classes. 

Tessa loves to give Landon hugs and kisses and still calls him “Wandon” since she can’t pronounce the letter L. 

Her favorite food are pizza lunchables which she makes into pizza sandwiches. She now asks for “water with ice in it”. She still chooses salty foods over something sweet and LOVES fruit snacks.

Tessa is always singing and dancing which makes Landon constantly smile. She also talks non stop which can be draining at times to always answer “why” questions or explain things.

Her favorite place is Disneyland and Gigi’s house. 

Tessa loves to wear princess dresses and tutu skirts. She is a girly girly for sure. She loves to wear dress shoes and twirl. 

This month she started asking “what are you talking about?” when I’m talking to someone else and asks me “if I’m sure that it’s safe”. 

I’ve decided this is my last monthly post update and that once Tessa turns 3 I’ll do a monthly update with her favorites instead. 

It’s crazy how much Tessa has grown these past few months she is turning into a little girl and talks like she is five. Her brain goes a mile a minute and she loves to learn and ask questions. I’m impressed with her vocabulary and how well she can express herself. I’m excited to see what the next few months bring. She might be turning 3 soon but she will always be our baby girl.