Tessa is 32 months old!

Some days I wish I had a video camera constantly rolling to capture life with Tessa from her songs (who knows what she is singing), dances, and things she says. 

This month Tessa has shown me how much she has grown intellectually. The connections she makes between things is amazing. She has an amazing vocabulary for someone her age. Since she has such a good vocabulary she can create complex sentences. The other day when it was raining she said “the rain is dripping off the roof”. Or when Landon was playing on his mat she said “he is just touching his toys”. 

Tessa is also very aware of her surroundings. She noticed the other day that both James and I were wearing red shirts and that two of Landon’s toys matched because they had the same red ball on them. 

Tessa learns so much because she asks a million questions! This can be extremely exhausting but I know it’s helping build her vocabulary. I also try to explain things any chance I get. 

Tessa loves books! Every night we read two books before bed. This month she has chosen The Trick or Treat book and Baby Beluga book almost every night. She can also read the entire book on her own since she has heard it so many times. 

Tessa has started getting jealous of Landon and has been acting out. She doesn’t like when I video tape him doing a new skill. She still loves and smothers him any chance she can get. 

Since I am constantly talking to Tessa either answering her questions or explaining something I’ve also noticed that she says phrases I say. Her new phrase is “so cool”. 

Tessa is addicted to all things Disney princess and loves to watch Disney Jr! Her favorite food is grilled cheese and drink is sweet tea. Her favorite snacks are princess goldfish and frosted animal cookies. Her favorite princess is Belle and her best friend is the Beast.