Tessa is 31 months old! 

Tessa has quite the personality and each month she does and learns new things to showcase it. This month Tessa has been making a lot of connections between experiences she has and things that happen in stories or that she watches on Disney Jr. 

For instance she is constantly pretending everyday things are something else. She uses her jump rope as a lasso like Sheriff Callie or her school bus as a chariot to take the princesses to the ball. 

She has been asking lots of questions lately and is always asking “what kind?”. She will also turn your response into a question. She is very observant so she is very curious about what is happening and why.

Tessa thinks she is a trickster and asking you if something is right. Her favorite things to do are put the wrong puzzle piece in the shape or have you guess if the lid on her Chapstick is the right color. 

When asked to do something “she can’t” and it is harder to distract her now. She is also starting to push my buttons and knows when Landon is nursing that I can’t do much so she uses that to her advantage. 

She loves her brother and always says “I think he loves me”. Landon loves her so much and their connection is adorable.

Tessa loves to FaceTime but hates it when Gigi and Auntie are traveling and the phone says “poor connection”. 

Tessa is becoming crafty and loves to paint. She likes to color more now that Gigi bought her markers. We are working on coloring things the correct color.

This month Tessa became potty trained. She both pees and poops on the potty and only wears a diaper during naps and bedtime. 

Tessa is loving her gymnastics class and doesn’t want to leave. 

Her language is also growing. She responds to questions using complete sentences. She shocks me at least once a day with a word she uses that is beyond her years. She is finally saying “I love you too” when someone tells her they love her. 

Favorite food: pizza lunchable which she turns into a sandwich 

Favorite drink: sweet tea

Favorite show: anything on Disney Jr

Best friend: the Beast