Tessa is 30 months old! (2.5 years old)

I can’t believe I have a 2.5 year old! I remember the day Tessa was born like it was yesterday and in the blink of an eye she is already two and a half years old. This show up on the Time Hop app today and I feel like it is still fitting. 

Tessa has the best personality and is full of life. She shocks and surprises me daily with her vocabulary and ability to explain things. She still learns things quickly and retains so much. And I love her more and more every day. 

This month has been busy trying to raise two little ones. I’ve tried to divide my time between both Tessa and Landon and have special moments with each one. Tessa loves Landon and isn’t jealous which makes things easier. 

Tessa has her moments of giving me a run for my money and having an attitude. Part of the problem is that she is smart and uses that to her advantage. She has a bad habit of saying “give me” instead of using nice words. 

Tessa has an amazing vocabulary (at least I think so) for her age. She asks lots of questions daily and remembers everything you say to her. This also causes her to constantly repeat herself and take things over the coals. One example is her asking for a bandage even though her wrist is better. Because Tessa has a great vocabulary she can ask for things and explain things very well. She is also a great story teller. I need to watch what I say now since she repeated the word “shit” the other day. She also says “sorry” for lots of things these days so we are trying to teach her when an appropriate time to say sorry is. 

Tessa is always talking about who goes with who and needs to have all matching characters or sets. She will be a collector one day because she likes to have a complete set. 

Lately Tessa has been playing well alone whether it be in the playroom, reading books in her room, or with the water table outside. 

She still is singing and dancing constantly and will burst into song at any time. 

With James going back to work Tessa asks where he is every morning. She is back on her routine of yogurt and cuddles with Daddy before bedtime. 

A big change this month was getting rid of Tessa’s booster seat so now she sits on the chair like a big kid. 

Some of her favorites this month: 

Food: fruit snacks, raspberries, strawberries

Drink: water and tea 

Tv show: anything on Disney Jr- she loves Pooh and Tigger, Sofia, Doc, Callie, Whisker Haven and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

It’s crazy to think I’ve been a mom for two and a half years! It has been the most rewarding experience ever and I owe it all to Tessa. She is one special little girl.