Tessa is 3 years old!

Tessa is officially three years old. Time has flown by. 

This month Tessa finally met the Beast which was “the best day ever”. She also moved into a big girl bed and loves it. 

Tessa loves her dance teacher Miss Lyndsey and her musical theatre class. She is always dancing and singing. She loves to sing while I blow dry my hair or shower. 

She is full of one liners and has an amazing vocabulary. Tessa has a great imagination and loves to pretend.  She often whispers to herself while playing alone. 

Tessa is addicted to Disney princesses and knows all their names, princes and stories. Her favorite is Belle because she loves to read. She chooses a princess dress to wear almost everyday. 

On the weekend she loves to go to the trampoline place or Home Depot with Daddy. 

Favorite food: pizza sandwiches (aka pizza lunchables) with mini pepperoni 

Favorite color: yellow

Favorite place: Disneyland