Tessa is 29 months old!

Another month has passed and this month Tessa became a big sister! I was extremely concerned with how Tessa would adjust to having a sibling. I honestly had nothing to worry about. Tessa loves being a big sister and loves Landon so much! She hasn’t felt replaced or ignored so my fears have quickly gone away. She loves to tell Landon she loves him and “smother” him with hugs and kisses. She is always trying to touch his head. Whenever Landon is fussy or crying Tessa says “I understand Landon”. It is so funny! Apparently they already have an unspoken connection. 

This month Tessa has started using some new phrases. Her favorite phrase is “one more time” she says it as one word and uses it constantly when she wants you to do or see something again. When you ask her a question her new response is “well of course”. Recently she has been saying “sorry Mommy or Daddy” when she is told not to do something. 

Tessa is getting stubborn and doesn’t like to be told no or corrected for her behavior. When she “throws a fit” she just walks away and puts her head down. I’ll take it! Better than screaming and kicking. 

This month she had a blast in Havasu and constantly talks about going back. 

Her favorite food is noodles and chicken fries. She dips everything in ketchup including her blueberries…yuck! 

Her favorite movie is Cinderella. This month she also watched Beauty and the Beast and wasn’t scared. When she retells the story she even uses the term enchanted castle. 

Tessa’s favorite thing to do is sing and dance in the play room.  

My favorite this she does right now is whisper when she plays independently. She has an amazing imagination and always has her characters pretending to do cute things. 

Her bedtime routine includes pjs, brushing teeth, cuddling on the couch while we watch a Mickey Clubhouse, then “two minutes to cuddle” on the chair in our room. Lastly, she needs her Cindy, binky, blanket, 3 princess books, and Cinderella/Belle doll all in her crib with her.  

It’s a good thing our second child was a boy because Tessa is a one of a kind little girl!