Tessa is 28 months old!

Tessa is becoming quite the toddler lately. Some days we see signs of the “terrible twos” and other days she is our sweet little girl. Although she hasn’t made a lot of growth in the area of large motor skills ( we are still working on pedaling her trike) she has really good fine motor skills and excellent verbal skills. 

This month her love of crafts has come out. She wants to make, paint, cut, or glue something on the daily. I love it because some of my best memories are making crafts with my mom and sisters. 

I’m really impressed with her verbal skills (I might be biased because she is my child). When asked a question she responds in a complete sentence and uses the correct verb tense (most of the time). One word we can’t seem to get her to say clearly is “clap” instead she says “crap”. After her song/dance she wants you to clap for her but it sounds like crap instead. Some of her phrases this month are “hey” which drives me crazy! And “hi mommy”. She also likes to point out “who goes with who”. She constantly saying “Tia goes with Uncle Matt” or “Cinderella goes with Prince Charming” she is very aware of her family members and their connection to one another. She loves when everyone is together. 

We have noticed that Tessa has been applying things we have taught her to other areas of her life. Such as when she said “her binky had a crescent moon” on it. I’ve decided to start teaching her letters and their sounds so we can slowly work toward teaching her how to read. 

Although we are seeing signs of the terrible twos such as being impatient, saying no,no,no and running away to pout Tessa is also very sweet and loving. Before bed each night she thanks James and I for something we did with her that day. It’s a nice reminder that she cherishes the time we spend playing with her. 

This month Tessa’s impatience (she needed binky and Cindy) caused her to attempt to climb out of the crib. Instead of climbing she did more falling and scared herself. Needless to say she hasn’t tried it again. She still loves her crib and both naps and sleeps well in it so we are leaving her in it for as long as possible. 

Tessa calls for me when she wakes up in the morning. When I go in she immediately asks for a parade and fruit snack. I convince her to her dressed first and then I let her watch a parade on YouTube (which normally means her switching between various Disney videos) and eat a fruit snack on my bed while I get ready. 

Disney should be Tessa’s middle name because she loves Mickey and the princesses. She is constantly dancing around with a stuffed animal or doll and singing a Disney song. Every free moment she is spinning in circles and dancing.