Tessa is 27 months old!

This month Tessa has created many phrases that really show off her personality. She frequently says “that’s so sweet”, “oh dear”, “Mommy, I just love you”, and “sure you can”. When you throw her a ball she says “nice shot”. And “that’s me’s” when you have something that is hers that she wants. Tessa says “hey” to get your attention. This made me realize we say it to her and she is quickly picking up and listening to everything we say. Both James and I are working on our word choice so she doesn’t learn bad habits.

When Tessa gets frustrated (normally when it is time to put away the iPad) she says “don’t do that” or “don’t grab that from me”. We are working on letting her turn it off and put it away so she feels like she has control. Lately she has been getting frustrated more and more. When she gets upset or is throwing a fit she just lays quietly on the floor. I figure if you are going to pout at least you are doing it quietly.  Hitting is becoming a bigger problem and we are working on modeling positive behavior. It is a work in progress though.

Tessa is very loving and is constantly telling James and I how much she loves us. The best feeling is hearing her say “I just love you” and giving you a hug. She is very aware of things going on around you. When you yawn she asks if you are tired. 

She knows how to count objects to ten and is working on mastering the colors of the rainbow. She loves building things with her blocks especially castles. Whenever she wants you to do something it is for “2 minutes”. 

This month she watched Cinderella and it quickly became her favorite. 

Tessa loves tea (any flavor), ketchup, french fries, noodles, and blackberries. 

When you ask her who her best friend is she says “Gigi”. Gigi is also her number 1 but when asked who her favorite is she says Papa. I guess James and I are chop liver! 

Everyday on our way home from Gigi’s Tessa asks to call Daddy “from the top”(meaning the Bluetooth in the car). She tells him “we are on our way and will be there in two minutes”. 

This month she has been consistently taking two hour naps. I hope this continues when Landon is born. 

Another month has passed and again I’m amazed by all that she has learned in such a short time frame.