Tessa is 26 months old! 

This month Tessa has turned into a little person. She is starting to look older and has come up with many phrases that show her personality. 

Throughout the day she frequently says “I need to hold you” when she wants you to hold her or “I need a snack”. We are working on not giving her many options when it comes to meal times. When she asks for a snack she really just wants fruit snacks but we are limiting them to once maybe twice a day. She also says “I gotta go hide” whenever she hears Daddy come home from work. 

Her new favorite saying is “Google it” whenever she wants you to tell her the name of Disney characters or songs playing in stores. She also says “what was that?” when she hears an unfamiliar sound. Lately she has been super curious and wants to know about everything. 

Recently she has been saying “oh my” and I didn’t know where it came from. Turns out Minnie says it on Minnie’s Bowtique and that’s where she learned it. Tessa loves to watch anything Disney on YouTube. Literally anything! She knows tons and tons of Disney characters names and is always asking questions to learn more. Her new obsession is watching clips from Beauty and the Beast. Although everything “is her favorite”. 

Her favorite book is Curious George Plays Baseball and she knows it by heart. When playing outside she loves to sell you ice cream from her playhouse. Normally the only flavor she offers is chocolate. 

She now says “thank you very much” and even got a compliment on how polite she was at the store the other day. 

Tessa absolutely loves her playroom! She is playing alone more now but says “excuse me” when she wants you to come shopping at her grocery store. She is constantly pretending with her Little People and loves her princesses. When she is pretending she whispers which is really cute. She is a creature of habit and once you play with something one way that’s how you have to play with it forever. Same goes when it comes to cleaning up toys. Every princess has a certain spot in the castle and it can’t be changed. 

We are lucky Tessa is such a happy little girl. She is constantly singing and dancing. 

Tessa’s bedtime routine is becoming quite lengthy. After cleaning up toys she wants to race to her room and says “on your mark, get set, go”. Daddy does pjs and teeth brushing then we do Goodnight Yoga as a family. Then Tessa tells Daddy that “she needs yogurt” and he sits with her while she eats a gogurt. After some water she turns on her music machine and elephant (humidifier) and gives Daddy a hug and a kiss. Then I take her to the hallway to read our “don’t worry be happy” sign and turn off the hallway light. I then give her and Ciny a kiss, then Tessa takes out her binky to give me a kiss, we hug, then she goes in the crib. 

Although another month has passed too quickly I’m excited to see what new things Tessa learns this month.