Tessa is 25 months old!

Not sure how long I’ll keep these monthly posts going but I figure they will be nice to look back on when Tessa is older. This month has flown by! 

Tessa is in a phase where everything has to be done right now! She can sometimes be a little bossy and is learning the art of patience especially since things won’t get done right now once she has a little brother. Tessa still doesn’t understand that she is going to be a big sister. She knows we are buying this for her “brother baby” but isn’t doesn’t understand he is growing inside mommy. 

When things don’t go Tessa’s way or she is told no she throws a fit. Luckily for us she just lays quietly on the floor. I’ll take the silent tantrum any day. 

Tessa has added some new things to our morning routine. We now change Bitty’s diaper after we change her diaper. Also she brushes Goofy’s hair and gives him a bow while I do her hair. 

Tessa is addicted to fruit snacks so we had to limit her to one pouch a day. Sometimes she tries to find a way to get another one. She is still a picky eater even though I fed her healthy as a baby. She also still wants her food cut up in bite size pieces. She just recently started biting into a banana (thank goodness). 

Her favorite activities are watching Disneyland parades and shows on YouTube. She also loves to rake outside when Daddy gets home from work. 

This month Daddy went on a work trip to San Francisco and Tessa missed him so much! She was happy to have him back home. 

We are still working on her playroom and Tessa can’t wait for it to be finished! 

Her new phrase for the month is “oh my gosh”. It is so funny to hear her use it in different situations.