Tessa is 23 months old! 

One more month and we will have a two year old! This month Tessa’s language has taken off. She started the beginning of the month with just saying phrases but now she is talking in complete sentences sometimes multiple sentences. The hardest part is trying to catch it all on video. 

Her favorite thing to say is “I be 2” and “I like this one”(mostly when referring to a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode she wants to watch). The other day while I was at work she told Gigi “you go hide and I’ll find you”. Daddy has been teaching her how to play hide and seek. She also says “oh okay” when responding to most questions you ask her.

Tessa loves to tell stories even though sometimes I have no idea what she is saying. In her mind she is telling us some important stuff though. 

Besides talking and telling stories Tessa has found a love of singing. She can sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, the Barney I Love You song, most of the ABCs and part of the Hokey Pokey. 

Some skills she has mastered this month are spelling her name, knowing all her shapes (except rhombus and crescent), and can finally jump! We are still working on our colors and saying her birthday February 27th. 

Tessa loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Barney. She has learned how to turn on her kindle, unlock it and chose her Barney show. She knows all the characters names in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and tries to solve the puzzles. Today she was using her pretend car keys to unlock the doors like Mickey was doing in the show. 

Although we aren’t fully working on potty training she did go pee in the potty twice. We have also weaned from our morning boobies so our next step is weaning from bedtime boobies before she is two. 

Tessa has recently started tickling and it is the cutest thing ever! She comes up to you and says “tickle tickle” and then tickles you. 

We have made a huge stride and Tessa is finally drinking milk! So far just chocolate milk that we refer to as her special drink but I’ll take it!

Although Tessa is a really good toddler we have had some moments this month when she would get mad at hit James and I so we had to use her calm down spot. After a few times of going there she has stopped hitting. Her new thing is to point her finger and tell you no so this will be another bad habit we will have to quickly break. 

It is crazy to think in one month we will have a two year old. The years are flying by but I love every moment I get to spend with Tessa she is an amazing little girl!