Tessa is 21 months old!

November has just flown by! Tessa has started talking so much lately. Sometimes it’s just gibberish while she is playing other times it is in the car pointing out trucks, buses, and cars. This month she finally started saying two syllable words but the second syllable sound has to be the same as the first. She now says backpack, turtle, purple, Gigi, Papa. She also says all done and here you go.  Her favorite word is no. She says it so much that sometimes she will say no even when she wants to say yes. Recently when you ask her questions she will say “yeah” which is so darn cute. (I’ll get a video of her saying it tomorrow to add here). Tessa can also count to ten. 

She loves candy corn and ring pops. Her favorite food recently has been cereal bars and raspberries. She pretty much will only consistently eat cheese though. 

She has learned how to put her sunglasses on by herself and can blow bubbles. She has a good imagination while she plays and is learning how to cook using her pretend kitchen.  She thinks it is funny to hide and scare people. She now says boo when she comes out from hiding. Tessa has finally started running which is so cute.

When playing on the floor she will say your name and tap on the floor until you sit down and play with her.

We have had to start using our calm down spot because she has started hitting when she doesn’t get her way. Especially when I tell her she can’t have boobies in the middle of the day. She understands it’s purpose though and will come back once she is calm and apologize.

Disneyland is her favorite place and she talks about Mickey and his gang constantly. She can spot a Disney character the size of a dime on any package as you walk through the store. Currently her favorite show is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Her second favorite place is playing outside either swinging or picking up berries that fall off the tree in our front yard. She stores them in her baby stroller.

My favorite part about this month is how loving she has been. She will randomly come up and give you a hug and a kiss. It just melts my heart. 

I’m excited to see what new words and phrases she learns this month. 

I forgot to take her picture today so I’ll add one tomorrow.