Tessa is 20 months old!

I’m in shock that in just 4 months Tessa will be 2! It seems like this year is just flying by. 

This month has been crazy with us moving into a new house and selling the condo. Tessa has done great with the transition and loves living closer to family. She loves that Gigi, Papa, Auntie, Chlo-Chlo (Chloe), and Mallie are closer. Tessa can’t get enough of those darn cats! She loves going to Gigi’s because she lets her do whatever she wants and gives her sweet tea. 

With our new house having such a big backyard with a swing set we spend most of our time playing outside. Tessa has hardly been playing with her toys but has learned how to turn them off and on by herself. She loves to go on walks out front and pick berries to put in her baby stroller. 

We have had to buy new furniture and decor for this house so Tessa has ran a few errands this month. She loves to go over the yellow bumps in front of the stores in the cart. She seeks them out all the time. 

This month Tessa has started to “talk” to herself as she plays. No one has any idea what she is saying but it makes sense to her. She has also started saying some new words like baby, purple, oh okay, candy, “me” for excuse me, and welcome when you tell her thank you. She is always saying “oh shoot” when something doesn’t go right. 

She has expanded her food choices and has started eating more chicken which has made meal planning easier. She found a love of candy corn and hash browns this month. She loves fruit but still dislikes vegetables. She still nurses in the morning, at bedtime and once (sometimes twice) in the middle of the night. 

Tessa still loves to dance so next month we start a Mommy and Me dance class at the community center. I really think she is going to enjoy it! 

Counting is a new skill she has learned. She can count up to 4. Gigi bought her a piggy bank with plastic coins so she is learning to count to 10.  

Her favorite book this month is “Where is Baby’s Pumpkin?”. She loves the page with the ghost and always says “boo!”. Her favorite tv show is Mickey Mouse clubhouse. Her favorite drink is sweet tea and her favorite food is grated cheese. Disneyland is still her favorite place to go. 

Recently Tessa has been very independent and doesn’t want you to help her. We are finding a balance so she doesn’t get too frustrated. 

We just love our sassy little girl and look forward to new memories next month.