Tessa is 2 years old! 

February was a crazy month for us! It flew by so fast and before we knew it we were celebrating Tessa turning two! We are so lucky to have her as a daughter and look forward to what the next year brings. This month Tessa’s biggest milestone was that she stopped nursing. Although it was bittersweet I’m glad it went smoothly. She now asks “want a drink” when she is having her special drink before bed. It is so funny since she uses a silly voice. She might have given up the boobies but she still loves her binky and Cindy. She loves them so much that she says it as one word. Recently she has been asking for a second binky to take with her to bed and her naps. She likes to hide it and then act like she lost it when I go get her. Then she acts surprised when she finds it. 

Her favorite food is fruit snacks and she has to be limited to a pouch a day if not she won’t eat anything else. She still loves cheese and raspberries. Whenever I go to the store she tells me to buy fruit snacks and raspberries. When she eats something she likes she rubs her belly and says “yum”. 

Her favorite person is Gigi and she wants to see her daily. If she doesn’t see her we have to FaceTime her. 

We found out this month Tessa is going to be a big sister to a little brother although she doesn’t understand what that means quite yet. 

She is constantly singing and dancing around the house. When Daddy comes home from work she wants to go outside to swing or play hide and seek. 

Her favorite place to go is Disneyland. She loves the parades and shows probably because the include lots of singing and dancing. 

Suddenly we have started fake crying when we don’t get our way. James and I ignore her and she quickly gets over it. We have recently started using a timer. This allows her to learn the concept of time and she understands that when the timer goes off it is time to move onto the next activity. So far it has been working great!