Tessa is 18 months old!

Happy 1/2 birthday Tessa! 

This month was filled with lots of fun! Tessa started to pretend play more and loves to walk around feeding all her toys especially her babies.  She has learned from Daddy how to make eggs and mimics him using her play kitchen. She also does lots of laundry like Mommy.

Most of our days are filled with reading, playing, and listening to lots of music. Pandora is constantly playing on the Barney station. Tessa has even learned some of the dance moves. Right now her favorite songs are “Where the green grass grows”, “If you’re happy and you know it”, “5 little monkeys”, and “-Summer”-Olaf.

When we aren’t listening to music we are probably spending the day at Disneyland. Tessa loves being there. Her eyes light up when she sees the characters especially Sofia the First! We usually watch the Mickey show or a parade probably because they have lots of singing and dancing. Her new favorite thing is to shrug her shoulders when you ask her a question. 

Tessa has become very routine oriented and loves it when Daddy comes home from work to take her swinging out front. She also thinks it’s fun to climb up and down the curb. Drawing with chalk is also another activity she enjoys.

She has started learning her letters and can identify the “big” and “little” A (for now we are calling them big and little. I think she is too young for the terms uppercase and lowercase).  Although she learns things quickly she still only says the first sound in the word she is trying to say. I hear lots of “buh” and “caw” throughout the day and am left to guess what she wants. She does say “sure” a lot which is super cute.

Tessa loves to follow me to the potty. She sits on her potty and wipes her booty with toilet paper and throws it in the toilet. I’m hoping she will be easy to potty train. 

Her favorite foods are cheese, mac n cheese, bananas, yogurt, and black beans. We are struggling with the veggies right now. 

Tessa still attends Gymboree and is making new friends. She has started to join groups of kids to play with them. She does a great of listening to the teacher and staying on task. 

Naps have been hit and miss this month but then again Tessa has never napped well. She has a great bedtime routine and rarely cries at night. She still wakes up once or twice a night to nurse so we are working on getting her to sleep from 11-7 without waking. 

James and I are lucky to have such an adorable baby girl. We love her so much!!!