Tessa is 17 months old! 

Long gone is our little baby. Tessa is acting like such a big girl now! She is full of sass and so much personality! 

She is constantly using words and signs to tell us what she wants. She asks to listen to music daily while she’s playing and frequently stops to dance. Even though she can tell us what she wants she doesn’t like to hear the word no and is starting to throw fits. James and I ignore them which causes her to quickly stop.

Tessa is still a nature lover and asks to go outside all the time regardless of how hot it is. She loves to play with her water table and ends up soaked by the time she’s done. 

She loves animals and has learned that sounds many of them make. We are working on teaching her more everyday. 

Tessa very caring and loving. She is always feeding her kitty or baby doll. And loves to share Cindy with all of her toys. She loves to give hugs and even pats your back. 

Listening to books is still one of her favorite activities but she’s starting to be more active. She loves to walk around out front and touch all the plants and catch bubbles. 

She is addicted to Disney princesses and can point them out on anything even the Spaghetti O can in Gigi’s pantry. She loves to go to Disneyland and enjoys the Little Mermaid ride and Dumbo.

Besides going to visit Gigi, Gymboree is Tessa’s favorite place to visit. Even if she’s completely asleep the minute she feels the car stop, she wakes up, looks over and sees the sign she knows exactly where she is. Although it has given her a lot more confidence but has also taught her to try to climb on things that are safe even people. 

Tessa also loves her family so much! She wants to call them using FaceTime daily. She especially wanted to call them the days after the cruise that she saw everyone all the time. Our first family cruise has a huge success and we look forward to our next.

 I can’t believe next month she will be 1.5 years old!