Tessa can…

Tessa has been acting out lately and not listening. I don’t know if it is the terrible twos or she knows she won’t be an only child for long. Either way her behavior is unacceptable. Tia Lindsey came over to visit on Friday and we made Tessa a calm down bottle. Whenever Tessa needs to go to her calm down spot we shake the bottle and she can’t get up until all the beads/jewels fall to the bottom. So far it is working because it gives her something to focus on while she is sitting. 

To help with her listening as well as saying “please” I created a behavior chart for her. She gets a sticker every time she listens, uses good manners, eats her meals, and helps clean up her toys. Tessa loves stickers so the chart is working great! 

I went to Party City and found her some little prizes and put them in a princess bucket. We told her that when she has 15 stickers she can choose a prize. She was so excited that she got to chose a prize after her nap. She chose the “magic” towel. 

We then took her towel outside to wash her baby. 

She loves her prize and walked around with it. 

The hard part now is trying to explain to her that she needs 15 more stickers to get another prize.