Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day

I had plans on taking Tessa to the library for story time. I found out about story time last month but Tessa and I didn’t go because I don’t like Halloween. I was excited because the theme today was apples. Tessa went down for her nap after her bath and instead of sleeping her usual 30 minutes she sleeps for 70 minutes. This resulted in us missing story time. Maybe next week.

I had also planned on going to Ontario Mills with my mom to return clothes at Osh Kosh that I ordered online. So off we went.

We did some shopping at a few stores and then Tessa needed a diaper change. With no close restrooms in sight Gigi decided to change her diaper on a bench outside. We continued shopping and ended up at Nordstrom Rack. Tessa was hungry so I nursed her in a fitting room. Once we were leaving I got my phone out of the diaper bag to reset her timer. This is when the day went down hill!

Gigi quickly realized that she had lost her phone!! Gigi rushed to the mall security office to place a missing report and I ran down (the length) of the mall to the AT&T kiosk to freeze the number making sure no one could use the phone. Once Gigi met me at the kiosk Tessa had fallen asleep in the stroller. Bonus! I look down and realize Cindy is missing!!! Panic has now set in!

I leave Gigi at the kiosk and retrace our entire shopping trip. Going in and out of each store we shopped at. Asking sales clerks, checking the floor, looking at every bench in the mall. Nothing! Cindy is officially lost. I run back to Gigi and Tessa. As soon as I reach them I break down and start crying. I failed Tessa as a mom. I lost her favorite toy. How is she going to sleep tonight? I have a spare Cindy but she doesn’t like it. How can I recreate 8 months of droll? All these thoughts were running through my head.

We decided to go back to each store one more time. Gigi and I are on the hunt! We aren’t leaving the mall without Cindy!

We get back to Nordstrom Rack and keep searching the floor where we were browsing. Gigi looks up and there is Cindy sitting on top of a rack of clothes! I can finally breathe a sigh of relief. I am forever grateful to the person who picked up Cindy and placed her there.

At that moment I also decided that Cindy does not leave the car when we go places. I can’t handle the stress of losing her again!

So back to the phone. Turns out that Gigi’s phone fell out of her pocket on the bench while she was changing Tessa. A mall employee who was setting up a Christmas display saw an elderly Asian man pick up a phone from the bench. She assumed it was his. Karma is a bitch so he will get his. Who steals and iPhone 4S with a Disneyland cover?

The phone never turned up and my mom didn’t have a passcode set it on so whoever stole it disabled her “find my iPhone” app.

Overall it was an emotionally exhausting day. Gigi and I are just happy to have Cindy back! Tessa is too!