Special day with Belle

Our Disneyland trips are all very similar because Tessa loves to visit with the princesses and characters so much. I figure it makes her happy and Landon is too young to care so we go with it. 

Tessa decided to wear her Snow White costume today and wanted to see the princesses first. I decided not to video this time since she sees them every trip. I quickly regretted it because she told Cinderella her name was Snow White when she asked. (When Tessa wears a costume she pretends to be that character until she takes it off and then says she is Tessa again) Aurora taught her how to curtesy and Snow White did twirls with her. 

Then we headed to see Mickey since Landon likes him.

On the way out of Toontown Tessa stopped to say hi to Pluto. 

It wouldn’t be a Disneyland trip unless we saw the Mickey show. Tessa sung and danced the whole time! 

For once both kids napped together! 

Daddy bought Tessa Cinderella popcorn bucket (minus the popcorn because none of us like it). Tessa used it to collect treasures while I nursed Landon. 

Mary Poppins and Bert walked by so Tessa talked to them for a bit. Mary asked Tessa if Belle was her favorite because she noticed her dresss. Tessa said yes and the beast is her best friend. Mary asked if she was afraid of his growl and Tessa said no. 

While we were in line to meet Belle, Gaston was in the princess courtyard. Some guy challenged him to a flex contest and Gaston agreed. While Tessa was meeting Belle she took her to say bye to Gaston and joined in the contest. Tessa won! I love how breve our little girl is! 

We then headed to California adventure. Tessa’s new favorite thing is to collect pressed coins. Today she chose the dancing cars and the Mater ride.

We rode Mater first and used the stroller rider switch pass so Tessa got to go with both James and I. 

Tessa spotted Lightning McQueen on our way to the dancing cars ride and had to take a picture. 

Dancing cars and then the take out boxes in Bugs Land finished off our trip.