Ski Skimmer

We are back in Mommy’s happy place…Havasu! Daddy couldn’t join us because he is teaching summer school. We drove out last night and the kids were amazing! Thank goodness for iPods!

Tessa couldn’t wait to get out on the lake today! Papa and Gigi bought the kids a ski skimmer to use behind the boat. I made the mistake of not reading the directions and using it like the one we had growing up. Well this lead to Tessa getting tons of water in her face and up her nose. After two tries she was done!

After lunch we decided to read the directions and noticed that someone holds onto the other end of the rope in the boat so the boat isn’t actually pulling them up. Landon decided to give it a go and did it! It still took lots of convincing to finally get Tessa back out there.

I’m so glad she did because she loved it! By the end of her turn she was making silly faces. I love how you can hear Landon cheering her on in the video and saying “you do it Tessa”.

Tessa also had lots of fun swimming and building a castle pool for her Barbies out of rocks with Papa.