Sister or Brother?

We were supposed to find out if Tessa was getting a sister or brother on March 2nd but on Monday night I realized I couldn’t wait any longer. We decided to go to the same place we went to find out the gender with Tessa. We went on Wednesday after James got off work. That night we told my mom but kept the secret from everyone else.  

 My mom, Tessa and I ran around Thursday to get stuff together to throw a small gender reveal party (she didn’t want this baby to feel left out). 

Friday night we had my family over ( the ones that were local) to announce to them the gender everyone else we called to FaceTime. We ended up having to FaceTime more people than were at the party!  

 Our theme was: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, how we wonder what you are? I made the banner and my mom made cute pink and blue star cookies and brought pink and blue cotton candy. We had sandwiches and fruit for dinner.  

Time for the big reveal! Tessa got open the box while we FaceTime with everyone.  


It’s a boy!  

Tessa didn’t want a brother so she kept hitting the balloons saying ewww (or maybe Auntie taught her that ?)

After eating and visiting James and I opened gifts from Aunt Polly/Uncle Kurt and my parents.   

Then we sat around and brainstormed boy names. 

Tessa also got to open a Valentine’s Day present from Aunt Penny.  

James and I are lucky to have family that is willing to stop their lives to come over and celebrate our new baby. I’m also super thankful for my mom who can throw a party in a day!