Shopping with Auntie 

Today we went shopping with Auntie. Tessa thought we were at Disneyland when we parked in the structure. Silly girl! Since she was well behaved Auntie said she could go to the Disney store. Tessa found a new Belle shirt she wanted but they didn’t have her size on the table. Auntie took her to the employee and Tessa asked for her size. They found it in the back and Tessa got a princess sticker for being so polite. The cups were on sale so Tessa got a big girl cup with Rapunzel on it.

Then we had Red Robin for lunch. Tessa just had French fries. And got a balloon on her way out.

Once we got home Tessa asked for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich because they were making one on Barney. I was shocked when she actually ate it!