See Mickey

Tessa has been asking to see Mickey lately so we took her to Disneyland today before James returns to work tomorrow. Last night she told us she wanted to see Mickey, Pluto, and Goofy. So we headed to see them first!  

Tessa could hardly contain herself waiting in line to see Goofy she was so excited. 

   Pluto gave her lots of hugs. And she loved her time with Mickey.       
After visiting the characters we stopped to watch the Mickey Magical Map show. It’s one of Tessa’s favorites. She clapped and danced a long to every song.  

I love her elbow dance move.

We then rode It’s a Small World which was still decorated for Christmas.  


Tessa napped so James and I ate lunch. After her nap we rode Dumbo and the Tea Cups. Well Tessa and Daddy did because she decided she wanted to sit on the seat instead of in our laps. Then we met up with Dana and Valerie. The girls wanted to ride Dumbo so we went again.  

We rode the Tea Cups all together again. The girls were so funny looking at each other and laughing the whole time.  

Then we had chicken nuggets for dinner. Tessa said in a big person chair for the first time and even ate her chicken nuggets!  

Our last ride of the day was Winnie the Pooh. Then we walked through the treat shop. Daddy got a cake pop and shared with Tessa. She loved that the ears were marshmallows.