Sea World 

Tessa went to Sea World for the first time today. James and I got free season passes for being teachers so we figured why not go. I know animals shouldn’t be in captivity but I thought Tessa should experience Sea World once.

She did great on the drive there and napped. Once we parked and started walking to the entrance she was excited because she saw people riding a roller coaster and cheering. She knew she wasn’t at Disneyland but was going somewhere fun. 

Once inside the park our first stop was the Arctic area so she could see penguins. She loved riding on the moving walkway and watching the penguins swim. She kept clapping her hands and telling them to come here. I couldn’t get good pictures because that area was dark. Then we saw the Penguins  that live outside.  

          Then we went and saw the Beluga whale. She could’ve stayed there all day if I let her. 


The polar bear area was too crowded so we went to see the seals instead. It was so cool as soon as Tessa stood near the glass a seal swam right up to her!  


Then Tessa had a quick snack and we went to go see the Dolphins with their trainers.  


We stopped by to see Shamu. As soon as he swam by Tessa did the sign for “all done”. Needless to say she wasn’t a fan.  


Tessa didn’t want to nap so we went to see the dolphin show. It wasn’t the dolphin show that I remembered. It was very strange! The divers were cool but the story they were trying to tell was weird. Tessa didn’t seem too impressed.  


They had a ride like Dumbo in the Sesame Street kiddie area. Tessa didn’t like it because she couldn’t sit on James’ lap so she couldn’t see or use the controller.  


Our last stop was the sea turtles and sharks. By this time Tessa was super tired.  

               Overall we had a great day experiencing new things with Tessa. Looking forward to going back at the end of June with Grammy.