Sea World with Grammy

Today we met up with Grammy and Gino at Sea World.  

Our first stop was the Artic area. Tessa loved the penguins and beluga whales.  

Then we stopped to watch Auntie Madi’s last run at World’s on Mommy’s phone. 

Then we headed to the sharks.  

Tessa’s favorite part was the aquarium! She could have stayed in there for hours. It was so cute to listen to her talk to the fish and run around to the different areas.  She waved to every fish that swam by. 

Then we stopped for lunch and Tessa had a dance party before watching the Dolphins. 


Tessa was excited to see the Dolphins and would save to them as they saw by. She didn’t want to touch it though. The trainer brought it closer and once it started talking and then splashed water Tessa freaked out and started crying. We walked away so she could calm down and she asked to go back. We went back over but by that time she was tired from not napping all day so we decided to head home. She passed out before we even got to the freeway.