Tonight we took Tessa to see Santa. We weren’t as successful as last year. We got Tessa dressed all cute in her Christmas dress and adorable necklace but when we got there she was nervous and unsure.


We let her look around and decided to bride her with a candy. 

While we were letting her chose a candy from the kiosk (literally a foot from Santa) then we turn around and he is gone. His helpers told us he went on his hour dinner break! I was so annoyed. James had just told him we were buying her a candy to bribe her with and he still left. So we took Tessa’s picture in front of the tree and came home.  

Once we got home I asked her what happened when we went to meet Santa and this is what she said. (I think she was secretly happy he left). 

I love her face and hand gestures when she says “gone”. 

Not sure if we will attempt another meeting with Santa or not.