Last week on Thursday night Tessa had a fever. She was miserable all night but woke up feeling better. I figured it was teething and we moved on. Friday night in Havasu she had a fever again and wouldn’t sleep all night! It was terrible I felt so bad for her. Nothing could comfort her. Again the next morning the fever was gone. We had a fun day out on the lake and she had another fever that night which seemed to break when she was sleeping on James. Sunday she was much happier and had a great day on the lake. Still thinking the fever was due to teething we figured it was gone. Monday when I picked her up from Gigi’s after work she had a blotchy red rash on her face. I called Kaiser and the nurse hotline said it was probably roseola. She still has the rash today so I googled roseola and come to find out it starts with a fever lasting a few days and then they get a rash. Symptoms are decreased appetite and irritability both of which Tessa has. Mayo clinic said the rash should be gone in a week so hopefully Tessa will be back to her happy self soon. It’s horrible seeing your baby miserable and unhappy.