Rapunzel 5th Birthday Party

This year Tessa chose a Rapunzel themed birthday party! I can’t believe she is almost 5! We celebrated her birthday on Saturday even though her actual birthday isn’t until Wednesday.

Tessa invited her Let’s Play Music friends but only Oliver could make it since Hazel got sick. That’s ok though because we have plenty of family who took the time to join us in celebrating our big girl!

Tessa helped make the decor and chose which activities we did. Gigi helped make Rapunzel’s hair flow from the second story window and made the piñata.

We started the party off with a painting craft. In the movie Rapunzel paints to help pass the time.

Then we played pin Pascal on Rapunzel’s hair. Even adults joined in the fun! Oliver ended up winning.

Tessa chose pizza and breadsticks for lunch.

After lunch it was piñata time! Tessa has never had a piñata before so she was super excited. We use a frying pan instead of a stick because that was Rapunzel’s “weapon” of choice.

Tessa is loved by so many and received lots of thoughtful presents! She said her favorites were the castle we gave her and the princess dolls Aunt Polly and Uncle Kurt gave her to go inside.

Tessa’s birthday cake was a disappointment this year but we had pascal cookies and cupcakes to make up for it.

Tia and Uncle Matt gave Tessa roller blades and she was ready to try them out.

A family get together wouldn’t be complete without a few games of LCR.

We ended then night with a special surprise from Gigi. She bought floating lanterns for us to light and send off into the sky. Tessa really felt like Rapunzel!

We had an amazing day and I appreciate everyone who helped us celebrate Tessa’s milestone birthday.