Pumpkin Patch Party

Tonight we took Tessa to her pumpkin patch party at Gymboree. Gigi came with us. Tessa was so excited and didn’t even know what to expect. She got to wear her kitty costume and Gigi did a great job on her face paint. Tessa did a good job sitting still.  

I couldn’t get over how cute she looked in her costume. 

The party started with some playtime in the gym area. Tessa did pretty well playing with her costume on.  

Then Tessa went to the art room to paint a pumpkin. This caused me lots of anxiety because I didn’t want her to get paint on her costume. Tessa was so happy and loved painting! (Videos coming soon and more photos from Gigi) 

Tessa then went back to the gym area for more play time.  First, she had to climb to get a spider and then bob for an apple (ball). She loved the spider so much she wouldn’t let it go most of the night. 


Tessa was so excited that Mickey was at the party that she kept running around trying to catch up to the little boy dressed as Mickey. He was fast!  

 After parachute time we had a snack. Tessa enjoyed a juice box and pretzels.  

The party ended with trick or treating. Tessa liked to put her treats in her pumpkin on her own.